Blog Wars…

Beloved Chair Nora's DollAir Ministry

So it’s a typical week night in Chez Button (Sutton + Bell + Button… best not ask ;-)) me & my Mr B are on the sofa, in pj’s with the duvet from the spare room, the TV’s on, we both have a lovely hot brew in matching Cath Kidston mugs, he’s got an ipad and I have an ipad… I’m tapping away frantically, he’s editing photos, apart from Charity and Cain Dingle arguing in the background there is silence. I look over, he’s reading some historical thing about an RAF base or airfield from WW2, I’m reading about Oscar De La Renta (stay tuned…I’ll pay tribute to him and his amazing gowns in my next post) I don’t think we’ve spoken for at least 20 minutes, and believe me those who know me will know that this is a rare occurrence. He looks so serious, he’s really concentrating, I’m just waiting… ah there it is, this little line he gets in between his eyebrow’s when he means business, this can only mean one thing… BLOG WARS… Which one of us will get our post up first? Who’s will get the most views? From which countries? hehe… Of course, it’s not really a competition, I love reading Mr B’s blog, it’s very informative, and he’s so so passionate about everything dedicates a post to. He really researches everything, and spends time taking photos so he does the subject justice. I should point out at this point that the main focus of his blog is Air Ministry furniture. He collects it, restores it, and then writes about it. At first the little wooden chairs that kept appearing in our apartment drove me insane, one day I came home and even found some hidden behind a cupboard (yes it got that bad) I pestered and pestered for him to get rid of them, but now they I have developed a soft spot for them (some of them) I even use one as a bedside table. Some of them have been shipped back to England and are kept in a lock up along with other various memorabilia (don’t get me started…) but we have kept a few, and I have to admit they do add some character. He’s even in negotiations with an RAF Museum to lend them some of his prized collection (beaming with pride). I love it when he gets lots of hits, I know how much it all means to him and how enthusiastic he is about all things Air Ministry and to know that others take the time to read his work and enjoy it, wow, well it makes me so proud of him. So if you have a spare 10 mins today check it out and I hope you enjoy…

MWAH xxx

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