Running//Day 294

Pink Sneakers

Hi All… Just a quick update on my crazy/epic running streak. As most of you know back in May I decided to take up running, easy peasey I thought, running 1 little mile every day. So filled with enthusiasm I joined the Streak Runners International ( and set merrily on my quest. I have to say I loved every minute of it until November when I got flu and I genuinely thought running would kill me, it didn’t obvs, infact I think it was this need to run everyday that aided my speedy recovery, however at the time the sparkle wore off a little, and I became less and less interested in keeping everyone updated as to my progress. I really didn’t want to rave about how well I was doing, because previous to the flu I had really started to challenge myself, running further and faster than I had ever done. Post flu I lost all my motivation and only ran my required mile everyday… I actually felt as though I was letting myself down, the whole thing became like a horrible chore (depressing I know, soz!)

Now for the good news!! Spring has sprung in Brussels and with lovely sunny, longer days I am happy to announce I have found my motivation and enthusiasm for all things running. With the Manchester 10k only a mere 8 weeks away, its time to get serious 🙂 (and purchase new trainers) (every cloud) I have to say this week especially I have been actually looking forward to my runs, and I have been going a little further each day… WOO! its amazing what a little sunshine can do for the soul.

I only have 71 days of my 365 challenge left, and when I say it out loud I actually can’t believe it. The last year has gone by in a flash!! So if you have any spare change, why not sponsor me? Its for an amazing cause!! Cancer Research UK.

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