Diary Of A Bride To Be // To Couture Or Not To Couture?





Just me again… I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and 2015 has started with a bang 🙂

I can’t quite believe it but, me and Mr B have been engaged for a whole year now! Oh my days!! where has the time gone? I can officially say NEXT YEAR we will get like, actually married! 🙂 Now we really need to move on from planning and start doing!

One MASSIVE HUGE thing is of course THE DRESS! If you are a regular reader you will know that in November I hung my wedding dress anxiety in the wardrobe and found (what I thought was) my DREAM dress… THE ONE. I know, you can hear it coming can’t you? that big fat BUT! That’s right, I’ve thrown myself a curve ball, I only went and saw a couture wedding dress designer… (SQUEAL) so now I’m stood at a really tricky crossroads…To couture or not to couture?

I made the appointment before I even set foot in the previous boutique I visited, so when I found the first The One, I was 100% convinced that seeing them wouldn’t change my mind, but I wanted to go, to have a look, and just see what it would be like. My Mum (the oracle) told me to keep an open mind, and I hadn’t paid for anything or signed anything and if I wanted to, I could change my mind, Ok, Mum, but I love this dress… (famous last words)

Within maybe 30 seconds of being inside their very cosy HQ, I wanted to be a couture bride. We discussed the venue, the bridesmaids, what I wanted, what would suit me, what would make me look thin there, and extenuate here. Then she disappeared and came back with three amazing gowns, like nothing I have ever seen before! I was actually speechless (I know right??) I held them up, swished them around… we looked at colours against my skin and hair, talked about matching veils, belts… and after an hour and a half of girly chit chat and fabulous dresses I left feeling on cloud 9… This was what I wanted.

By the time I’d driven the 3 hours home, I was confused. I have seen a dress I love right? It’s beautiful? That colour? The details? The way it fits? But now I have the option to have a one off dress, made just for me, that no one else in the world will have? But I won’t actually SEE the couture dress until it’s made, what if I don’t like it? What if it makes me look bigger? What if it’s a complete disaster? and of course the biggy, surely a made just for me dress will cost more than an off the peg dress? I relay these inward panics to my Mum, who tells me I need to decide for myself (thanks Mum lol).

As I’m writing this I am 99.9% sure I’ve made a decision, but I really I need a Jaffa Cake and a lovely brew… Sooooo if you have any advice or feedback I’d love to hear all about your dress dilemmas, maybe it will help with my pro’s and con’s list hehe 🙂

Big Hugs xxx



One thought on “Diary Of A Bride To Be // To Couture Or Not To Couture?

  1. Cute post! I would for couture, like you said its going to be a one off made just for you but then again I’m super sentimental. Good luck for the big day 🙂

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