Welcome to my little blog… & thank-you for taking the time to read my slightly crazy posts 😉

I guess I should tell you all a little bit about me, well… I’m a bubbly, fun loving fashionista with a cat called Elvis Mcqueen, originally from Blackpool but at the moment I’m in Brussels, Belgium, living the dream as a fashion designer.

At Christmas my Mr B (who regularly features in my posts) put a ring on it, and now we are in the middle of planning our wedding, so you might notice an increase in wedding related entries as the bit day gets closer (squeal). I love all things wedding related, and recently started my own bespoke wedding stationary business and so far I’m loving every minute.


Being a Bride to Be has also inspired me to take up running. So on May 24th I started a Run Streak, and set my challenge to a year… it’s going well, and I have already lost some weight, and actually (total shock and suprise) I’m really enjoying it. I think this is defo a new found hobby that I will continue long after my 365 days are over…

So stay tuned for fashion updates, advice…and general ramblings of a slightly crazy blonde 😉

Lots of love TB… xxx

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