Oh la la Paris…



Last month I visited one of my favourite places on earth, Paris… Oh I love it so much! The amazing architecture…the landmarks, the fashion, ooohhhhh the fashion, it’s so much more than that, it’s the style! Effortlessly stylish, even in 32 degree heat the gorgeous Parisian women manage to pull it off… I was so envious of them, sweltering in my black skinnies and Nike Air Max… lol… Lots of wine (ooooh I mean water) required for the next 2 days of trend hunting.

The hotel was on the Rue Du Rivoli, which is the dream location for all the Parisian essentials… i.e Chanel, the boutique is just a stones throw away, opposite the Notre Damn and just a small stroll to the river, and of course my ultimate fave for lifestyle inspo Merci… (dream)

I am the first to admit by the end of day 1 I was starting to flag, but seeing a giant inflatable flamingo on top of Merci’s trademark vintage Fiat 500 defo perked me up!! As usual this uber chic concept store was packed with loveliness… The main showcase on the ground floor had a kind of vintage pool theme. 1950’s inspired embellished swimming caps, cute themed cosmetics, and bunting made from pool paraphernalia. Even the floor was a sort of David Hockney-esque pattern. Totes inspired guys… 100% recommend, and of course I wouldn’t be a true shopaholic without buying something (ANYTHING) so I treated myself to some neon pink masking tape! hehe, it was only a couple of euro, but lets not tell Mr B 😉

*need to mention the cute/amazing/yummy burger bar we went to for dinner, OMG, it’s called Blend (I’ll post all the links at the end) Jeeeez! BEST burger I’ve had! Coupled with super friendly/speedy service, and it didn’t break the bank either! Well worth a visit!


As always Paris was a dream come true, hot weather, great company and effortless chic, what more could a girl as for… One day I will do a Carrie, escape there and become a writer, sitting a little cafe telling a story for every one to read….

Until then you’ll just have to put up with me haphazard journal! lol… (good luck)

Au revoir mon petit amis…..

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