Home Sweet Home…

So a few short weeks ago Mr B and I packed our things and moved again! We’re regular little nomads these days, but hopefully this time it’s for keeps (maybe). 

Moving is soooooo traumatic! Argh! Really don’t think I can do it again for at least a year haha! One of the upsides is “finding” things you forgot you owned! Lol the downside is making a space for it! Lol! At least in out little home my beloved Tallulah Belle has her own room, at the mo it’s a little bit disorganised but as soon as it’s all ship shape I’ll post some pics for you to nosy at. 

I’m hoping this move will give me a little push to work on Tallulah Belle a bit more and mould her into something beautiful! Eeeek! Watch this space! 

Room with a view! Even the rainbows are pink! 

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