TV or not TV… 

Omg! TV obvs!!! Everyone knows I’m a total tele addict! (Bring back Noel circa 1985 please!!) I’m going to say something I NEVER thought I’d say! But oh wow there is TOO much good stuff on at the mo! Pretty much every channel has a winner! I’m just hoping they’ve got enough to cover the rest of the year!! 
*spoiler alert* 

2017 kicked off with new Sherlock!! Omg! It’s amazing!! I can not believe Mary died!! (Or did she?) knowing Sherlock anything is possible!!! AND ARGH a secret sister no less!!?? With the final instalment being more like a blockbuster movie and the shock reappearance of evil villain Moriarty I was hooked!! Even with one my total faves over on ITV at the same time, the lure of Sherlock was too much! But thank god for catch up TV becasue I just couldn’t miss Endeavour!! I love watching this show! Young Morse gets himself into some pretty life endangering situation but I can watch safe in the knowledge he will survive!!  

Next up Monday night! It’s too much!! I can’t take it! Lol!! With amazing Silent Witness on the BBC and super stylish The Halcyon on 3! Here I really am divided! My love for crime drama vs a programme set in my fave era! Argh! Usually I watch The Halcyon (adore Steven McIntosh! “One life no fear”) and then flick over and watch SW on catch up! Emily Fox is just outstanding! And her hair?! Don’t get me started!! Where does her character find the time for that perfect do inbeween solving the dastardly usually gruesome murders taking place all around her? I have to say although I’m whisked away by the glamour of The Halcyon, the jazz and champagne, I do love the hard hitting realism of SW, genuinely between the 2 most of tv urges are satisfied!! Tuesday night we get a bit of a chance to catch up with part 2 of Silent Witness, but then Wednesday! Midsomer! Jeeeeezzzzzzz! And on Sky Atlantic! Blue Bloods! Which I’m addicted to!! I just love Donnie Wahlberg! And TOM SELICK! omg!!! To start the build up to the weekend Thursday doesn’t let us down! Death in Paradise, Unforgotten and this week, all new Fortutide!! (If you haven’t seen season 1, binge watch now! It’s amazing!! Took me until about ep 5 or 6 to really get sucked in, but stick with it, it’s well and truly gripping and a little frightening) 

I need to skip to Saturday now, before you all die of boredom! TABOO! Omg! Is this not the best thing on TV right now?!! Not only are the story, setting and costumes, out of this world but it’s starring none other than Tom Hardy! And who doesn’t love him?!! Argh!!!! It’s so intensely dark, brooding, romantic, violent and sexy, I’m literally stuggling for words to describe it without letting it down! It’s remarkable!! Penned by Stephen Knight of Peaky Blinders fave how could it not be?! 

All this amazing January TV leaves me feeling slightly nervous that in a few weeks we’ll be left with nothing decent to watch! (Thank god for Emmerdale!) so I’m going to leave you with a pic of gorgeous Emilia Fox and her amazing hair! 

Mwah xx 

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