Starry Date Night

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Me… Trying pin up curls…

So I’ve been a wife for a whole three months now! (WOW it’s really flown by) and with Mr B working away for half the year (not all at once) We’ve rarely had time to go on proper dates like we used to before we moved back to the UK a little over a year ago (awwww, guys, I miss those days)

On Saturday night we decided to rectify this and go on a real date… I curled my hair, put my face on and dug my sparkly shoes out from under the bed. Almost ready! I opened the wardrobe and started to look through all my dresses (far too many) when I spotted my lovely Simply Be, Jameela Jamil star print maxi! I’ve only worn in once before, and I do love it! Perfect! Job done!!

This dress is the dress of dreams! It’s flattering over the shoulder, and has cute capped sleeves, makes my boobs look fab, and just skims down nicely over my waist and tummy making them look tiny (which I love). It’s so full at the hem, it’s a real swoosher!!

I got an approving wolf whistle and a wink from Andrew, and we were on our way to the local Indian, chicken tikka and a beer, I felt truly spoiled!! 🙂 PRINT,size:



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