Diary Of A Wife | Day One

Waking up in the morning after your wedding is a strange feeling. I don’t know how I expected to feel, hungover? tied? hungry? My first thought was why so early Rea? Come on… It’s over now you can relax, IT’S OVER, I rolled over to see my actual husband in the bed next to me, awake of course… We just looked at each other. We were married.

The best bit about having your wedding over a whole weekend? We got to do the whole party thing all over again!! Yep, posh frocks, fancy hair the whole she-bang!! WOO HOO!!

After the amazing Rachel had turned me back into a Princess Bride and my fabulous B-maids had dressed me again I went in search of my handsome husband… On route I passed Francesca creating a sweet and desert paradise in the entrance hall, it looked and smelled amazing! No sooner had I found Andrew when we were whisked away by Kate for some romantic pics of just the two of us… I felt like a movie star 🙂

When we came down stairs more of our very glamourous guests had arrived… It was lovely too see everyone, and you know I think we both felt loads more relaxed, the evening seemed to whizz by so fast, I hardly remember anything… Lots of dancing, and drinking… yummy food, and even more cuddles and air kisses… It’s so true what people say, you really can’t spend enough time with everyone, it’s impossible…

As the main event began to come to a close, and the music stopped we all assembled in the main corridor, it was like the good old days queuing for a nightclub, only indoors and not on Blackpool Prom haha… After a few mins the chanting started “secret bar, secret bar” and as we started to hear the pounding beat drifting through the floor a huge cheer went up and we all raced down to carry on the party…

With the tunes on full volume and the jaegarbombs flowing it was 2.30am before we knew it, and home or bed time for most people… a few hardcore partygoers (me included) made it till 4am… but the Raver of the Year goes to my cousin Josie, who went to bed when I got up at 8am!! *respect!!

Sunday morning came, and the guests began to leave the realisation that after two years and three months of tireless planning, crafting, eating, sleeping and dreaming about our wedding, it was over. We waved off the last three people and went back to our room, we just sat in silence in this perfect paradise. It was time to go. We said our goodbyes to Ross, Roger and Charles, and set off home. I think I made it to the end of the drive before the tears started then I cried all the way home, relieved, excited, happy but most of all over whelmed. What a fantastic feeling to have all the people you love in one place at one time?

My advice to future brides to be, let go, enjoy YOUR special day, and most of all, cherish every moment!



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