Dairy Of A Bride To Be | February

Woooaaaaa FEBRUARY ALREADY!!!??? Where is 2016 going?? Can we rewind please? lol… Our wedding in 24 days! TWENTY FOUR DAYS! After planning, and making, and crying for 2 years and 3 months the actual day I become Mrs Bell is within sight! I feel a bit like I imagine a Skeleton Bobsleigher feels when he/she is stood at the top of the track. Nervous, excited, filled with adrenalin, and a bit sick… I need to add here that I’m not nervous about marrying my Mr B…I’ve not got cold feet in the slightest… I’m nervous about the senario … about falling over in my shoes, waking up with 15 spots, a coldsore, etc… all things vastly out of of my control!!

In fact, it’s all of these things and more that have been plaguing me in my sleep of late. Ridiculous wedding fear dreams that leave you waking up with your heart pounding, cold sweat. In one Mr B hadn’t collected his suit, and with a mere 30 mins to the ceremony set off to London to get it!! (I know, ridiculous right?) Then in the same dream I discovered I’d forgotten my dress, and in the end we got married in our PJs!!!! It seemed so real!! lol… (the fear) I don’t think it helps that for the last few weeks we’ve lived & slept all things wedding (more that usual) in a bid to get everything done before Mr B goes back to work for 2 weeks. I am happy to report that almost everything is done, just a couple of little bits, and we can put our feet up till the big day. PHEW!! WOO!!

I imagine the next 24 days will fly by at 80mph just like the Skeleton Bob, and soon enough I’ll be writing to you to share our day… (gulp) I can’t wait…xxx


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