Dairy Of A Bride To Be | Jan Pt 2 

  I’m writing to you from the train to London, finally after after a two year social media relationship I’m finally meeting our lovely florist Steph 🙂 (can’t wait) So I just thought I’d write you a little note about the second half of January and bore you to death with our wedding planning so far… 
So a whole two weeks ago (can’t believe how fast time is moving 😱) a few of my favourite girls all gathered together in the luxe fitting room of Dreamcatcher Bridal to watch me try on The Dress! (Eeeeek squeal) I have to say I was a little more than nervous! The dress arrived a few weeks before and it needed extensive restructuring work in the bust area, not surprising considering my GG boobs! I always knew they would cause me a world of pain when it came to anything bridal!! I think I have literally bought and sent back more bras in the last 2 weeks than I’ve ever owned in my life! (And that’s a lot being a self confessed bra addict) and it’s here I need to give a shout out to the girls at Bravissimo who are just amazing… Hey Ladies 😊 after tears and tantrums (it’s frumpy…tears…it doesn’t support me…tantrum…it gives me back fat…tears…I could go on for a while) I was directed to what I have to say is the most sexy, supportive strapless I’ve ever owned!! The Luxe by Curvy Kate, honestly, it’s a dream!! Not only can I run for the bus in it with no movement, it’s also super glam and feels so comfortable!! They actually don’t do a GG, but the amazing bra expert lady advised me that it actually is quite generous in the cup, I was apprehensive but it fits perfectly!! And it’s a perfect fit under my dress too… Phew!!! I can’t express in words how relieved I was to find something soooo amazing!!!! And not only that, but the dress also fits like a dream!!! The alterations are flawless, and believe me I thoroughly inspected the work, but I am blown away by the fantastic job they have done. 

It was a little awkward stood on a small foot stood in my shoes balancing while they pinned the hem, but I know it’s worth it 😊 I’m back in a couple of weeks for the final fitting, and it’s safe to say my nerves have evaporated, and now I’m just a giddy kipper (Chloe 😉) 

After the fitting we all went for some lunch, and gossiped, and for the first time in a while I actually started to relax, repeating my new mantra… It’s ok if every little detail isn’t finished (still not convinced myself ha ha) the wine started to flow, then the cocktails and the shots (you know it’s a good night when get home minus a contact lens and a strip of lashes and your BFF try’s to recreate Facebook ass hula hooping videos… Love you C 😊) 

Apart from that we’ve been super busy with DIY, I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m excited to see what everyone thinks of all the little details we’ve made… 

So with 5 weeks to go, the count down is officially on!! Eeeeeek!! Not sure how much I’ll get to write to you in the next few weeks! But I’ll try and keep you up to date! If you’ve been with me from the start of our wedding planning adventure I’m sure your sick of my droning on (he he) but we are so close now… 😊😊😊 

Mwah xxx 

*sneak peek… 

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